Go! Afternoon Class

Go! Thai Cooking School: Afternoon Class

“I want to enjoy my life. And food is a big part of it” – Gwyneth Paltrow


When the sun is high in the sky there’s no better place to be than cooking up a storm in the air conditioned school. With the Afternoon Class there’s no need to shop for ingredients as we’ve done all of that for you! Simply come along to class and listen carefully as the chef explains each of the special ingredients in detail, before you help prepare some of the exotic items ready to cook.

Once you’re all prepared and ready to go you simply make your way up stairs to the fully-equipped and well-maintained kitchen to follow the guidance of the talented chefs and create incredible dishes that will cause explosions of flavour in your mouth! Experiences like these will stay with you for a lifetime and you’ll be recreating these wonders for friends back home who will be amazed at your culinary delights!


No need to worry about taking your camera along for the ride as our team will document the amazing experiences and provide the photos to you, along with all the recipes from the day, on a handy Go! USB stick so you can relive the experiences again and again.


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