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Go! Thai Cooking School: Team Building

Who doesn’t love Thai Food? When your daily workload affects the minds of those you work with it’s time to get out of the office chair and jump into the Thai Kitchen to clear the heads and start building those bridges again to keep the spirit high.

At ‘Go!’ Thai cooking school we love to cook with teams from all over the world and have had great fun with amazing people from all over the Planet working with different corporations. It’s always great to see colleagues in real after only having communicated via emails and skype.

Most corporations opt for a evening class due to having meetings and conferences during the day.  This is a great way cooking the night away in the Thai Kitchen.

Of course we are open for any starting time with the morning being the most exciting one as we would then also do the market experience for which we can create many activities from splitting teams into sourcing the ingredients from a list or photo given to an amazing race style of cooking.

So you guessed it… Team building with ‘Go!’ Thai cooking school is the best way to get your staff together and work as a team with Yummy Results both in the kitchen and on the work floor later on.

From as low as USD 30.- pp the team building party can be yours. All teams will cooking in a private environment so that you can thoroughly enjoy the features our building had on offer.

Extras included return transportation to and from the venue and if you want to make it extra special we can provide you with cooking aprons screened with your company logo which makes an excellent souvenir.

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